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Yamaha props (27pitch)

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I have two Yamaha props that I don't need right now. (since I don't have a boat) They are 27" Pitch props, one has been reworked to take some dings out of it, the other is still stock and in good shape. $350 and $400. I'm on the road so I don't have pics, but PM me if you are interested and I'll get you more info or pics when I get home!
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Definitely interested in one of them.....if you could shoot some pics, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks man!
I probably won't be back until the end of the week at the earliest, but I'll shoot some when I get back.

They are both clean and in great shape.

Yup, the are still in the garage somewhere. I just got in late last nite. I'll try to dig them up and shoot some pics tonight and put them up!
Here are a couple of pics:
This is the one that has been cleaned up, runs true and looks good! $350

This one has not been worked, very clean still, runs true. Just one little scratch on the leading edge of one blade, hard to see...... $400

PM or email me with questions or to meet up and look at them. I can bring them to the Travis tourney even if I don't find someone to fish with me!

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Why does that one say Yamaha VMax series on it? Is there a difference?
My 27p Yamaha T1 doesn't say that on it.
I think the newer props are cast with the logo on them. The first prop doesn't have the VMAX on it, but the second one does.
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