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A very good friend of mine, here in Austin, is selling his XBox 360, some extras and a few games. If interested, let me know and I'll put him in touch with you. Here is what he has....

XBox 360 Premium with all included accessories in original box. (1 wireless controller, 1 wired headset, and HD cable.)

... plus, a wireless headset, extra black wireless controller, 4 rechargeable batteries for the controllers, and a charging station for the batteries.

Purchased on September 30, 2007, so it still has about 6 months left on the warranty and because it's a newer revision, it shouldn't be susceptible to the red rings of death. I have the original purchase receipt as well.
I’d like to get $350 for the console and extras listed above.

As for the games:

Call of Duty 4 - $30
Halo 3 - $30
Mass Effect - $30
Tomb Raider: Legend - $20
Star Trek: Legacy - $5.00

All of the games are in absolutely perfect condition, with no scratches and they have the manuals.
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