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Thanks, I got one on order from mccclain trailers. Magnum wanted to rape me, acted like I was bothering them when I stopped by.

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The National Marine Manufacturers Association has developed a trailer certification program to help boat trailer manufacturers comply with established industry standards and federal safety regulations, and to help inform the public of such compliance when purchasing trailers. Trailers are certified in the areas of identification plates, capacity ratings, couplings, safety chains, lighting, winches, brakes, registration procedures, and conspicuity systems.

Inspectors visit the manufacturer and physically inspect each boat trailer model for compliance to all certification standards.

A manufacturer participating in this program must certify all models as fitted with all factory supplied equipment on a model year basis.

List of all trailer manufacturers in the NMMA Trailer CertificationProgram

Backtrack Trailers
Bear Trailers
BoatMate Trailer
Continental Trailers
E-Z Loader Trailers
Eagle Trailers (HLT Ltd)
Four Winns Trailer Division
Haul-Rite Trailers
Heritage Custom Trailers
Karavan Trailers
King Trailers
Load Rite Trailers
Loadmaster Trailer Co. Ltd.
Magic Tilt Trailers
Marine Master Trailers
Metal Fabrication, Inc
Ram-Lin Trailers
Ranger Trailers
Road King Trailers
Rocket Trailers
SC Trailers
ShoreLand'r (Midwest Industries)
Tebben Enterprises
Tennessee Trailers, Inc
Tidewater Trailers
Tracker Marine
Trailmaster and Vanguard Trailers
Tuff Trailers
Yacht Club Trailers (HLT Ltd)

Magnum and McClain I did not find on this list...I am sure there are a lot more manufactures, too.
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