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WTB Golf Cart

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I'm looking for a gently used golf cart (preferrably gas) but battery ok for use around my property and neighborhood. Not looking for a pimped out deion sanders mobile but rather something modest and that gets the job done. PM me if you have one you've been thinking about getting rid of to clear out room in the garage or pay for some extra fishing tackle. Thanks.

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Hmmm got rid of the looking for a golf cart......enjoying the Luby's Early Bird Special yet?
you should be able to get a used one for around $1500-2000.

There's a place on pond springs-think it's called Kenfield carts.  I think they'll have alot to choose from.   A few years ago, I bought an electric golf cart that was refurbished from the factory, lift kit, bigger tires, and has a back seat (seats 4) for $2600 from Lone Star Carts.  I think they are on 620 now
Cottman Transmission is RR has one out front, Seats 4, lift kit, nobbies etc, I think it had 80hrs still looked brand new, was asking 8k..
Thanks for the leads guys...was hoping to find something in the $1000 - $1500 range. There have been some good deals on craigslist but you have to catch them as soon as they post.
get 5. I have been looking for a battery one for a while now. I keep an eye out on CList all the time for them. I cannot afford (or do not need one badly enough to pay 1500.. heh) that high end of one ;)

My wife does not get around as easy with her leg and all, and I would love to have a little 4-seater that she can ride around the neighborhood etc once in a while.

Every time I see a $500 deal on clist, it is usually right after I spent it on the boat :p

Thanks Jeremy. That's along the lines of what I'm looking for. Was hoping for gas powered so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping it charged and maintaining batteries. Not opposed to electric though. May go check this one out.
Thanks for all your help. I picked up a like new 2007 EZGO PDS electric cart yesterday with charger for a very good price. He still has one left if anyone is in the market. Let me know.
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