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There was only 1 pleasure boater I saw the entire day today, so for now I will let Wake Austin rest.  Got out there just before 10am, left as Andy and Larry were loading up for the tourney tonight.  There should be some nice fish caught.

I started out throwing a weighted hook senko and got a little bite but no fish.  Switched to a bamboo and caught 3 within an hour of switching, one of them a keeper.  Had a huge blowup in a place I missed a fish a few weeks ago, but the fish missed my frog.  Moved to some reeds and caught a nice keep on the frog.  After that, on my way out by the bridge I tossed a lake fork swim bait and hooked up with another nice keeper, probably close to 3lbs.

5 fish caught, 3 keepers, maybe 7lbs total for the keepers.

Rained on me 90% of the time, but it was not much more than a sprinkle til 2ish.  Great time on the lake.  Makes me wish LA was bigger, or an actual lake for that matter, so the calm conditions could be year round.

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