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I am looking for a 1990+ bass boat. Champion, Ranger, BassCat, or Skeeter. I have a little less than $6000 in cash on hand, and that is what I am willing to spend. 18.5 feet or longer with at least a 150 on it. I am a junior in high school, and I need a starter boat to get me through another year of club tournaments. Call me at 254 716 2689 and my name is Boone. I will be in Austin till tomorrow night, and I would be totally willing to drive back down if something comes available. Thank you.

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Welcome to ABF !! I hope you can hang around and get the boat you need. I will be looking around for you, and will email or call if I can find anything to meet your specs.

Once you get it, I hope you will make it out to fish with us!! We will look forward to your fishing reports.

Again, welcome.

Take Care,

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