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Hey Guys,

I've visited three different Wal-Marts in the Round Rock area in the last two weeks and they all have tackle marked for clearance and some of it is good stuff.

Zoom Fluke and Worm tackle boxes for $9, normally $12.
Wareagle spinnerbaits for $3
Chatterbaits for $3.50
Kinami flash(chart/white) and white/gold glitter  for $3.50 a pack
Berkley worms

The store in Cedar Park has Lake Fork Shakey heads for $3.00 a pack and Arkie jigs for $1.50, didn't see this at other stores.

If you do the math on the fluke box, for the price of three packs of flukes you get a tackle box and 5 free flukes.  It's an even better deal on the worms.

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