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Just in time for Christmas! The tank has never seen water and the stand has never seen a full load. BRAND NEW.

For the serious Planted Tank Aquarist this set-up includes;

35 Gallon aquarium with top Brand New, never used
Stand is Brand New, never used
Eheim 2213 Canister filter with media 16 hours run time
Tunze CO2 regulator 16 hours run time
Dupla CO2 diffuser 16 hours run time
Five pound CO2 bottle 16 hours run time
Tunze substrate heater 16 hours run time
Coral Life 192w powercompact 6700k 36" light with legs BRAND NEW
One bottle Seachem plant supplement. Sealed
Two submersible heaters 150w and 200w
Approx 50 pounds Seachem ONYX sand substrate
Two nice pieces of African driftwood
Five KG FertiPLANT substrate

Various "other" related items, nets, cleaners etc.

Over $1000 of first class, professional grade equipment. $500 obo

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