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A lone angler was fly fishing from his perch on the dam, his bicycle parked in the treeline. He was casting to the upper pool. He’d make a couple casts and then spin around and cast down the falls to the lower pool. I made casts to the dam pocket, careful to avoid his cast circle.

The water is moving pretty fast over the dam from the overnight thundershowers. The dam walk looked precarious, but the fly fisherman must have had good wading shoes. I thought I’d check out the lower pool but, with water finding all paths, I didn’t have the shoes for it.

I was a little disappointed that I would not be able to fish the lower pool, but the sight of all the water pushed up into the shoreline veggies was very encouraging. I walked the bank moving upcreek and cast out a TR finesse worm. The worm was bit at the water willow. I r’ared back and the worm flew out of the water and into the oak tree above me. I cut off the worm, pulled the line through the branch and retied. My flouro leader was a little squirrelly from being dragged over the branch, but was not frayed.

I had a couple minutes left to fish. I really wanted to catch something. I went back to the dam pocket and flung the worm as far as I could. I was reeling very slow, feeling the bottom with the 1/32oz lead bull-shot. I lost touch with the weight. A split-second later I saw my line zig-zag. I reeled down and went full send, 100% commitment. The rod bent and the fish surged, breaking for the water willow. The flyfisherman watched me wrestle the fun fish to the bank. I took a pic, tossed the fish in the water and hustled up to the parking lot.
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