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Wednesday on Veterans day marine0311 (Tim) and I hit Lake Austin at day break.  A perfect day.  We fished until 5:30.  No better feeling than tired arms at the end of the day and I didn't have to go play two games of bucket ball like Tim after.  I went home and self-medicated.  We caught 35+.  Eight of them keepers.  We each caught a 3lb'er at the bluffs within 30 minutes of each other.  The rest of the day went from real dinks to the majority between 1-2 lbs.  My best day yet.  Close to Nitroguy's level. ha ha.   Don't need to detail where to fish because all of you know where.  Have to thank procrafty_rr (Justin) because most were caught on watermelon with red flake senko.  Although my carolina rigged floating worm (same color) and chartrusse rattle snake tail worked too.  We tried cranks and top water, but no luck.  Just one small dink on the crank.  First time I posted pic's so if you don't see any I did something wrong.

God bless or veterans and soldiers!

Just 3lbs & 18"

End of the day and still going...

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