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Had a great time in Venice earlier this week. The fishing wasn't as good as it should have been, but still fun none the less. They have had a ton of rain and it rained on us both days we fished. We stayed at Venice Fishing Lodge (Venice Fishing Lodge) and I highly recommend it. Billy Nicholas is the owner and he runs a pretty bad ass operation. Billy was actually my guide for both days and I cant say enough about him. We were on the water at about 6 am and didn't get off until after 4 pm the first day and stayed past 5 pm the second day. To me there is nothing better than a guide that treats it like a day on the water with his buddies instead of a job and that is just what Billy does.

There were 6 of us total and the first day we all bay fished and the second day 2 of us bay fished and the rest went offshore. Limit is 5 per person on reds. We only used artificial when bay fishing. First day: one boat had 13 and second boat had 15. Second day I think we caught something like 10 (with a 40"er) and the offshore boat brought in 2 tuna. Like I said the fishing wasn't great, but I sure would like to go back when the fishing is on.

Our boats total for the first day
photo 2.JPG

Some fish from the first day
photo 1.JPG

BIL's 40" from the second day
photo 4.JPG

Playin with the gators. They can't resist chasing a popin cork
photo 6.JPG

A couple of tuna from the offshore trip
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