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I am selling a used G.Loomis SWBR904C swimbait rod. This rod sells new for $265.00 and I will take $165.00 cash for the rod. The best thing about a G.Loomis is the lifetime warranty. If this rod ever breaks, send it back to G.Loomis with $25 and they will send you a new one back. The following description is from

Length: 7'6"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1

Do you need to put that 2-ounce mission fish or fish trap style bait right between a floating dock and seawall? Or maybe you need the perfect balance of muscle and a soft sensitive tip? This 7'6" rod has the backbone to wrestle big ones after the've "kissed" your bait. The soft and sensitive tip has just the right amount of "play" in it to toss those lighter baits into all of those tight places."

If the buyer lives in Austin the rod can be picked up at my office at 14th and Guadalupe. I will ship the rod for an additional $15.

If the rod does not sell within a couple of days, I will put it on E-Bay. I wanted to give the ABFers a shot at the rod first.
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