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I am selling a used G.Loomis SBR864C spinnerbait rod.  The rod sells new for $240 and I will take $150.00 cash for this one.  The best thing about a G.Loomis is the lifetime warranty.  If this rod ever breaks, send it back to G.Loomis with $25 and they will send you a new one back.  The following description is from

Length: 7'2"
Power: 4
Pieces: 1

Big, oversized spinnerbaits with big, oversized trailers need a big powerful rod. True statement, but you don't have to suffer to fish these popular new baits. We go to larger, heavier spinnerbaits to keep our presentation in the fish zone longer... the DEEP zone. This is where the big blades go and where the big bass live, and this is the rod to fish there. It's a powerful, long-range casting tool that will give you a good, positive hook set even on the deep shelves. Its extra-long rear cork provides maximum leverage for both casting and fish-fighting control. A big striper decides to eat your blades? Not a problem here! This rod will handle any big fish, big lure situation with ease and it's so sensitive you'll wonder how you ever fished without it."

If the buyer lives in Austin this rod can be picked up at my office at 14th and Guadalupe.  I will ship the rod for an additional $15.

If the rod does not sell within a couple of days, I will put it on E-Bay.  I wanted to give the ABFers a shot at the rod first.  
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