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If you are searching for a used boat:

Craiglist rocks, but don't forget about the smaller towns like Ft Hood/Killeen or San Antonio and I find more bass boats in Oklahoma than I do here. Also, search the small town papers... Brownwood has a great local paper online that almost always has good boats and are not over inflated prices... I have found killer deals in other states but (if you are new to getting a boat) watch out for title issues... Texas has titles on boats and motors, not trailers (in most cases..GWR could require a title, but not on bass boats) If you buy out of state, go see it first and ask what has a title, then check with TP&WL about what you need to get the boat titled & registered here. That can be a pain. There are only a few people that work in title at TP&WL and if you get on their bad side, well, let's just say it might take awhile to get your stuff.

Anyway, just some tips from someone who has traded about 10 boats in 10 years.
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