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We have made a few changes to the 2011 season- We are also launching a new website soon.
1. $10, 000 grand prize for the 2011 championship winners
a. The highest finishing collegiate fishing team by way of points will receive a free berth to the 2011 Championship

a. Entry fees shall be $150.00 per boat per tournament, which includes Big Fish. Entry fees for tournaments should be mailed to the Tournament Director and must be postmarked no later than the Friday 8 days prior the Tournament. You may also register at FishFinders Marine in Round Rock TX no later than 6PM the Wednesday prior to the tournament
b. Online registration and full payment will not incur a late fee until the Thursday evening before the Saturday of the tournament
c. All entries paid on Friday night are on a cash only basis and will incur a $10 late fee.
d. Registrations Saturday mornings will be at the designated launching area, there will be a $25 late fee. We will except cash only
e. There will be a $30.00 fee charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds.
f. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes on any moneys or prizes won.
4. Academy Sports & Outdoor Championship Points System
a. The team having the highest cumulative points total at the end of the scheduled season will be declared the FAN-CTTT Anglers of the Year. All ties in the cumulative year end standings will be broken by season cumulative net weight. The winning team at each tournament will receive 150 points, 2nd place149 points, 3rd place 148 points and so on. In the event of a tie in a tournament both teams will receive the points for the place they are tied and the subsequent place will remain vacant. (Example: A tie for 3rd place would result in both 3rd place teams receiving 148 points. The next team behind them would be the 5th place team and would receive 146 points.) Teams not weighing any fish will receive 10 less point than the last place team(s) with fish
b. Non Mandatory Pre Tournament Registration Meeting
c. All teams who attend the Friday night Pre-Tournament meeting (whether entered in the tournament or not) will receive an additional 10 points, which will be applied to the teams cumulative point total for the year.
Changed from 25 points to 10 points

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FAN is proud to announce the 2011 Academy Sports + Outdoor Championship Points System-
We our please to annouce this new sponsorship and partnership with Academy.
Academy will be playing a new bigger role wit FAN for 2011 including sponsoring the championship points system.

With that we will be having an official registration event at the Cedar Park (1431) and the Brodie (south) location January 15th from noon to 3PM everyone that registers for the 2011 season will be entered into a raffle for FAN/Academy tackle packs. This signage will be posted at all Austin area Academy Sports + Outdoors

Hope to see you there.
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