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Hello all
Is there a boater out there that does not have a partner yet for the upcoming wed nite tournaments.
If so please message me I would really enjoy participating in this event. Looks like a great way to get to know a bunch of the great guys on this site.
Thanks Jim ;D

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Hey Jim,

Looking forward to meeting ya out there. Trust me, finding a back seat for one of these is really easy. Once it gets closer, should have noooo prob!

Lets take a trip down memory lane from last year.

Just to give you new guys something to look forward too.


Mucho Boats !!

Some Of the Crew !

HHJ and the Misses Represent !!

Never know who might show up !!!
Rude HO with a couple ... well.... never. Cheerleaders yea....

Airfob, The money man hehehehe....

EA holding the cash, before I give it to someone else! DOH !!  ;D

WHO the Hell is this guy? No one knows his name, but he shows up sometimes.!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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