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Tuff Man Championship Qualifiers

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The teams that have qualified for the 2009 TuffMan Championship tournament to be held January 10th on Lake Belton with weigh-in at the Central Texas Boat Show are as follows:

Tuff-Man 2009 Championship Teams

Terry Williams / Terry Brown
Adrian Barnes / Daniel Barnes
Joseph E. Lee, Jr. / Chris Roberts
Allen McAdams / Andrew McAdams
Craig Gilbert / Carla Gilbert
Brad Williams / Jeff Pitrucha
Troy Elliott / Jimbo Hicks
Lance Wenmohs / David Collinsworth
Scott Meads / Chuck Guthrie
Keith Kinlaw / Mark Maynard
Eric Kietzer / Darren Sebek
Brian Wendeborn / Eric Wendeborn
Clint Clover / Donnie Clover
Albert Pemberton, Jr. / Jerry Eller
John Guerra / Paul Stokes
Billy Eaton / Scott Schilling
Ryan Crawford / Ryan Warren
David Underwood / Denny Copeland
Michael Yezak / Ricky Wagnor
Gerald Poboril ? Jack Powe
Jody Holubek / Rick Scott
Melvin Yezak / John Yezak
Mike Montanez / Will Hammonds
Dave Thomas / Pete Garza
Mark Beckman / Tommy McKay
Wade Watts / Johnathan Watts
Dean Jones / Chris Nors
Coby Burns / Craig Hafercamp
Billy Brewer / Lowell Bennett
Keith Boettcher / Kimberly Boettcher
Ryan Glass / Chad Williams
Terry Hays / Ken Massey
Ronnie Trower / Brett Stafford
Gary Bowien / David Trevino
Kevin Bearden / Steve Bearden
Keith Combs / Landan Ware
Brian Burns / James Roberts
David Ridley / Kendall Lovett
Justin Allison / Justin Eary
Matt Cannon / Steve Cannon
Charles Gerhart / David Shuster
Rick Helmcamp/ Gene Lathrop
Joe Stone / Allen Barker
Lewis Decker / Jared Saddler
Elton Brock / Dan Watson
Travis McCullough / Bobby Wilson
Chad Thiel / Randy Nolan
Ronny Maynard / Eddy Maynard
Chuck Simmons / Mike Ashley

Points Qualifiers for 2009 Championship

Sophal Korng / Rey Ramon
Mike Arnold / L.J. Costillo
Bill Blackwell / Stan Dragoo
Mickey Hamm / Russell Parrish
Steven Tindell / Joe Contretras
Jim Fielding, Jr. / Trey Fielding
John Weatherly / Rex Wheeler
Bubba Pietrich / Billy Rowe
Jack Morse / Pat Grimm
Thomas Holden / Chancey Holden
Bill Freeman / Tim Daniel
Dustin Barfield / Bryan Mach

Anglers of Year

Adrian Barnes and Daniel Barnes with 758 points

A special THANK YOU to all the fishermen that participated and congratulations to the Barnes brothers for finishing the 2008 season as Angler Team of the Year.

Rick Smith
Marine Outlet of Temple
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