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TTZ Wed Night Tournament - 5/22/13

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More Skeeter Real Money was paid out last week, as the Waldrops got a $500 bonus plus $620 first place/BB payout, for a nice little $1120 evening. That puts the TTZ Skeeter payouts at $11,000 for the year. Last week with the threat of bad weather (which never came) we still had 31 teams fish. This week things look great and I'd expect some of the anglers will be looking for revenge on LA after a finicky bite last week.

If I can get the proper baby pass, you might even get to see a fat guy under the bridge afterwards sporting a visor.
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You need to start adding the BBQ hotline in these announcements so I don't have to go looking thru the last week's thread to find it. Think of it was a public service announcement for my tummy
Hong, why is it that everytime I look at your entries, this shows at the top of my screen?!?!?

Hair Face Head Hairstyle Blond
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Anyone get harassed by the po po last night? I saw them at take off but didnt see them all night after that. I did notice we had a looker at the park.
A hooker?!?! where???!!?!
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