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TTZ should run Decker jackpot tourneys.

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Who agrees?
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I don't think they should. If they wanted to, they would have never stopped doing it in the first place.
:-?they never ran it before. but thank you for your input.
5B765B7646517675747C6A190 said:
:-?they never ran it before. but thank you for your input.
Good ole Shane and his blunt comments...gotta love 'em!

Between the Tues and Wed Nighters, a targeted guaranteed 20K first place LBJ open later this year and another one potentially on Choke we'll be pretty busy.

I do enjoy fishing the Decker jackpots and would like to see them again this year.  It'll be tough to work in a third weeknight tournament after Travis and Austin but we'll see what happens. I'll get with you Shane and see if we can work something out - stay tuned for details.
thank you andy. what did I say that was so bad? :p
Its been a while since i posted on here. Forgot how fun it is. :D
tell me more about this LBJ open. sounds good.
I would like to see a tournament at Decker and would be more than willing to run it (along with Trey and Matt) if there is an interest. We could change the time or the format if it would get more people out to fish.
It's been tossed around that a Friday nighter 7:00-12:00 on Travis might start in March and run all Summer ending in a championship in Sept.  It's not a moot point right now but we're still hashing it out.  

Still up in the air...but Fringe and at least one other sponsor might be interested if a jackpot on Decker falls on a good night for max participation.  

Get it where you can talk to us about times and all of the particulars, but don't take too long, daylight savings is going to start and we want to have a good plan in place.

You can always PM me as well.

55785578485F787B7A7264170 said:
tell me more about this LBJ open. sounds good.
2 day open scheduled for the fall on LBJ with a five figure guaranteed 1st place payout on a $150-$200 team entry.  Other points of interests are an angler appreciation night with food and cold beverages included at a top notch restaurant along with a free concert...pretty much everything except dancing girls in bikinis - but I'm still campaigning for them so don't rule them out just yet.

Just think of it as the ROT Rally of bass fishing if everything goes as planned. We'll release more info as it becomes available.
466B466B5B4C6B68696177040 said:
:-?they never ran it before. but thank you for your input.
The "TTZ" might not have ever run a T out there but the same guys that run the "TTZ" T's, Ran the ABF T's out there. So like I said before "I don't think they should. If they wanted to, they would have never stopped doing it in the first place."
once again big bass dude, no the abf guys didnt ever run it the past 15 years there has been only 3 different people run it. Me, mike, and brad.but again thank you for your uninformed input. ;)
This LBJ tourney sounds great. I appreciate the endless efforts of all you guys at TTZ to provide us Austin area fishermen with outlets for our deep burning desires for good competition. Thanks to all of yall and thanks to Mr. Jenkins and for giving us a forum to keep us informed and allow us to discuss ( argue ) about fishing when we are not on the water. Now, how about a hug. :)
bigbassdude- Who exactly do you think ran the tournaments at Decker??? ABF never did although a couple of thier guys did when some money out there :) Right Andy?
oh ok
I think Webb's out this season at Decker for the most part; but I'll help run it Hill's up for it. I may have the inside on a set of tournament scales as well. I don't mind throwing some of my Champs money out there! LOL
cool lucky,a good scale would be great. any help is appreciated.  I dont mind running it, just want to get more boats out there. We also need to come up with a way for measuring fish that is less troublesome. the best thought I have on that is to let teams measure own fish under supervision of director and another team. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Lucky you KK.
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