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Nope Tamale, won't apply for this one.  However, anybody that catches a 14.22 plus on Travis deserves a lot more than 25 Gs!!  

The current record is 14.21 pounds and 28 inches in length, and was caught in 1993.

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Here ya go!

TTZ Tournament Rules

1. Participants and Eligibility:
- TTZ Tournaments are open to all anglers.
- A team will consist of one or two anglers per boat; all contestants must have a valid fishing license.

2. Entry Fees/Payout:
- Entry fees shall be $40.00 per boat per tournament, which includes $30.00 main pot, $5.00 Big Bass pot and $5.00 tournament fee.
- Payout as follows:
1-5 boats pay 1 place 100% of pot
6-14 boats pay 2 places 60%, 40% of pot
15+ boats pay 3 places 50%, 30%, 20% of pot
- Overall Big Bass takes the entire Big Bass pot.
- All ties will be resolved by splitting that place and the next place’s money.

3. Registration Times/Tournament Hours:
- Registration will begin half an hour before the start time posted in the tournament ad.
- Each team must register in person at the designated registration area. Cash only, no checks.
- For tournament hours please check for the exact times posted in the tournament ad.
- All boats are subject to a livewell check and will launch simultaneously unless otherwise directed by a Tournament Director, boats must be back inside the No Wake bouys by the end of the tournament.

4. Permitted Fishing Methods:
- Only artificial baits may be used. No live or cut bait is permitted (pork baits are permitted).
- All bass must be caught alive in a legal and sporting manner. No snagging.
- Each competitor may only use 1 rod at a time. No more than 1 line in the water at a time per angler.
- Trolling with the combustion motor is not permitted.

5. Live Fish/Weigh In:
- A limit of five bass (largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe/Spotted) may be weighed in per team.
- All fish must be a minimum of 14” and alive, we DO NOT weigh in short or dead fish.
- Weigh in will be back at the launch site on a first come fist serve basis.

6. Sportsmanship/Safety:
- All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation.
- Safe boating must be observed at all times.
- In case of inclement weather it will be the contestant’s decision to stay and fish or seek shelter/leave. Once tournament fees are paid and the tournament has begun there will be no refunds for any reason.

* Decisions of the Tournament Director are final and are not subject to appeal. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director.

* All participants expressly assume all risk(s) associated with each tournament event and hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Texas Tournament Zone, Marine Outlet, the host, all sponsors, and tournament officials from all claims or injury and/or damage arising out of, or related to and/or incurred in connection with any TTZ sponsored event(s).

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Man I wish I could fish tonight but my truck's cam sensor fried but i plan on fishin this tourney as much as possible.I like the way its run,and i love fishin Travis.She is everchanging,one year the only structure you can find is rocks and docks the next year she is full and there is thousands of bean bush's and willows flooded.Although, the beaver population on travis is gettin high and destructive to the lakes shoreline structure.Those pesky beavers. good fishin to all...

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Good Luck to those that fish tonight...I cannot make it, due to a injury I sustained last night. Not serious, just a possibly cracked rib or two.. :(

Those pesky beavers.  

Saw one on Sunday evening near Therman Bend. That was my first Beaver I had seen on Lake Travis. It was carrying a big branch to the water. I guess setting up a crappie condo. :p
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