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First solo tournament for me last night. I hooked into a 5lb drum in 30FOW that I though was a contender for BB.....boy was I wrong. I stayed afterwards and hung out with John for a while and had a few cold ones. We left the park around midnight and as soon as I pulled on to 620, my running lights decided to quit. After 45 minutes of jacking with them in the Randall's parking lot, I called my wife to load up the kiddos and come follow me home. Good times regardless and aside from the 5lber, I had a a single keeper bite that got off at the boat and a few unders. I look forward to next week getting out there and giving it a shot again. I think that's the best part is that the 2 or 3 bites you get is probably all you need to cash a check right now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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