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Just got back from Falcon today. First time there and can not wait to get back.
Met my cousin down there with his son on Monday night. He lived down on falcon for 20 years and knows that lake well. Took us over to Coyote reservoir in Mexico and I got my personal best of 7.5 lbs on the first day. My fishing partner had a 7 lb'er and my cousin landed a 7.6 lb. Several fish over 5 and 6 lbs for the day. The next two day's were tough. Nothing over 6 lbs. When we were done yesterday I kicked up the motor and ended up breaking the throttle cable. We were very lucky because we were only two coves down from Arroyo Veleno ramp in Zapata. Today we did not give up, went out with the trolling motor and still fished for 6 hours before the long trip home.
My cousin is e-mailing pics to me and will post as soon as I get them.
If you have not been this lake is worth the trip.

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041205171019600 said:
I do not know how to post my pics from falcon. Can anyone help?
1) Go to

2) On the top/middle there is a section where you can add files/photos from your computer to the photobucket server. The buttons are called CHOOSE FILE. You hit that button, navigate to the file on your machine, then add more (if necessary) or just hit the UPLOAD button (Blue/white letters) on the photobucket site.

3) After your files are uploaded, the photobucket site will automatically take you to a page that says for example 1 of 1 image has uploaded! Here you can add a title or description. At the bottom, hit the SAVE AND CONTINUE button.

4) Now it will take you back to your main picture home page on the photobucket site. You should be able to see the picture you loaded on the top / left hand side of a page (most recent upload is always top left).

5) For some pictures, you will see that they are positioned horizontally instead of vertically. To change this, click on the little blue EDIT just above your picture. That will take you to the following page.

6) Here you want to Edit your picture by making it vertical. Click the ROTATE button on the top of the edit picture area. Click the little blue down arrow. It brings up a menu that has: Left, Right, Flip Upside down. I normally click Right.

7) Once done rotating the picture, click the ALBUMS & UPLOAD at the top left. Thsi takes you back to your picture home page.

8) Now you should see your picture horizontally.

9) Depending on the size of your screen/monitor, you might have to scroll down to see the options below your picture. There should be four options: 1) Email & IM 2) Direct Link 3) HTML code 4) IMG Code. Place your mouse in the IMG Code text box (where the [IMG}http:// is ) and you will notice that a small Yellow box pops up that says COPIED. This means your picture is now in the Operating System (typically windows or Mac OSX) buffer and you can simpy copy it where you want. can put your cursor in the same text area and then go up to your Edit menu in your browser and hit the COPY.

10) Go to the ABF forum post you are creating. Simply right-click on your mouse and hit the PASTE option or hit the Edit Paste option from the browser menu. You should now see something like this in your forum post:

[I M G][/I M G]

* NOTE * I added spaces in the IMG tag just so it would not show the picture and you could see the code instead. Your code will look slightly different as it won't have spaces in the IMG area.

**NOTE** Sometimes the IMG tag in all capital letters does not work. You will need to change the capital letters IMG in the leading and trailer tags to lower case img.

For Example:

[I M G] [/I M G]

[i m g] [/i m g]

11) Now scroll down in the ABF post area until you see the Post / Preview / Reset buttons. Click the PREVIEW button. This is how you test to see how the page will look to others when you post it. You should see the picture in the post. If not, you've done something wrong. Try again
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