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Fished for 31/2 hours this morning and caught around forty fish 13 keepers biggest to be around six pounds here is good ole pauls fish he caught this morning.White spinner baits and senko worms. Fished from carlos and charlies to bee creek.The bite was really on till the east wind started to blow.......See ya on the water
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Man I need to get out there and do some fishing anyone body want to go..... By the way nice fish
paul c went out to travis today had a great time went with nitro tim and did we sore lip some fish## :D :D :D ;D
paul we did have a great morning thanks for going been a long time!!!!See ya on the water
Hey nitroguy with LT up is it still possible to launch from the bank at Dink Pearson.

Nice day on the lake and it sounds like you had a nice basket of keepers too.
yes you can still put in at dinks pearson
Any idea of the current water conditions near mansfield? Prob gonna fish travis tmw in that area but I'm not sure I want to be dodging floaters left and right...
I fished mansfield dam to the back of cypress creek today. There were a few floater but nothing very big. It was great to see four lanes open again, but I think we will see many, many more pleasure boaters on the water during the week end.

Don't count on catching many fish though, I only caught one, it was a keeper but just barely.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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