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Fished Saturday 4/5/08 on Travis and fishing was HOT. Went fishing with a novice and caught 40 fish in back of coves. Fishing was so agressive, my partner threw a white plug 2 " plug with feather tail and got his spining reel in a backlash, while fixing it, a 2lb LMB came up and swallowed the bait. I called to him and said where's your bait since I saw the action and his line was moving. He finally felt the fish and brought it in. What a great experience for someone who hasn't fished in years. Later caught all the fish on finesse baits- watermellon green.

Most fish caught were LMB some Guadalope's between 1-2lbs.

Ran into one joker in an offshore boat without a trolling motor and he cut me off and parked this rig infront of me about 20 yards. Needless to say I was t-offed, then he rattled a 30 lb anchor with chain on his fiberglass bottom and made enough noise people at Carlos and Charlies could hear. Needless to say, no more fish were caught in this cove. Justice did prevail, the young guy fishing hooked a tree on his first cast and kept calling to get the line off and the guy with the anchor just looked with disgust. My partner and I just laughed.

Not many boats on the water, big surprise for Travis on a weekend. Water was 63-65 and very clear. Can't wait to get back in 2 weeks after the tournament.
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