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Travis 5-9

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Wife requested a fish fry for mothers day so I hit up lake Travis Saturday night. Caught 8 nice bass in bee creek before dark on watermelon chartreuse rattlesnakes. Then went out searching for underwater green lights, looked all over in about a 12 mile stretch north and south of bee creek. Could only find one and it was underneath the dock. Found a bright flood light a couple foot above the water in 65' and started cleaning up. Caught fish every cast for 3 hours. Kept 61 mixed bag of crappie and whites and my father in law topped  off the night with a 6lb 6oz black that had his little 4'6" ultralight screaming for a while. Took some quick pics but had to put her back quick cause she was worn out after the long fight on that tiny rod. Is there more underwater lights? I hear of people fishing them but can never find them? I thought  I read in a post of underwater lights being in bee creek but didn't see any Saturday night?

Sorry about the bad pic of the largemouth, cell phone at night doesn't turn out to well.
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Thanks for the report...

Lighted Boat Docks...

The home owners are starting to turnoff lights when they see you fishing near by...

The weekends, while the people are using the docks for a temp lake house, they seem to leave the lights on...However, when Monday rolls around, they turn them off till the following weekend.

I have not found any underwater lights in Bee Creek. There are some above the water white lights, that sometimes have whites under them. However, the underwater green lights are normally in shallow water. Example, near Marina's or in 5-10 feet of water, since they are placed on the bottom of the lake.

I fish any above the water, white light. I usually only cast about 5-10 times and then move on. There are a lot of lights in Sandy/Cypress Creeks. I mean more than 2.

If you locate a dock light and the owner turns them off....just drop down your own green or white floating light. Wait about an hour and you will have fish. However, I do not have the patience to wait an hour. Just remember to bring a spot light with you at night. You will need it...I about ran into a boat without lights. I was only going 20mph, but I used my spot light to see it on the bend of the river.


[highlight]PLEASE PRACTICE CPR----CATCH/PHOTO/RELEASE on Black Bass![/highlight]
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Thanks for the info Robert. I guess my post is a little mis-leading, none of the blacks were kept. Last time I kept a black to eat was the Bastrop fish fry tourney. ;)
great job on the the water bet the pics are going to be great
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