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Travis 3/26/10

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Hey all. This is my first time to start a report so I may leave some things out.

Started out on the upper end of the lake about 6:30 heading straight to cypress creek hoping to hit the dock with the green light I saw last week. The light was not on this morning. Fished our way out of cypress with no hits throwing topwater, spinners, and rattlesnakes.

Moved over to sandy creek and worked the banks and docks going in and started catching a few small guadalupes and blacks. Nothing big. Kept going back almost to big marina with little bite.

Came out and went into devils hollow. A few more dinks in there. Ended up with about a dozen fish with only a few keepers that were all thrown back. Everything caught on rattlesnakes and spinners and a little silver jig.

Water temp was mid 50's and the air was COLD for a few hours. Like low 40's when we put on. Wind was pretty nice 5 to 10 mph.

P.S. food of choice today was jack's links beef sticks and lipton tea and water ... I also ate a taco from speedy stop.
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Excellent report and welcome to the forum!
Yea, now that's a report! Welcome and keep em coming....
Nice Report, but beware of the potlickers! ;D
Thanks for the report and welcome.  I also fished this morning for two or three hours with the same results using shakey heads... watermellon/red shakey head Zoom worm and Zoom UV craw.  About a dozen small bass two barely keepers on small points of the main lake near Cow Creek.
Thanks all. I have been a member for about a year and just kinda chimed in a couple times here and there. Yeah my brother likes to pee off the side of the boat so I am hoping that will keep the potlickers away from us when we are on the water :p
I launched at Cypress /Creek about 9:00am and ran to Arkansas Bend. I fished a cove that usually holds lots of spots. I fished top water and got no bites. Went to the tall cliff walls and started fishing back down lake. I threw CR BBHs and lippless cranks with no luck at all. Water was 57.5 degrees, no bites not fish. I finally went to the back of a big cove (not the creek). The water was warmer, about 60 to 62 degrees and the fish were more active. Lots of submerged brush. The carp and gar were tearing the place up. I pitched senkos to the brush that was above water in about 2 to 4 ft of water rigged wacky. I caught 5 small bass, hooked up on three others and lost my big girl to a bad knot. I knew the knot was bad when I tied it but I just didn't want to retie and with the small fish didn't think it mattered -- oh well. I ran out of senkos (yes I went to Academy today and restocked) and started using Zoom stick baits, all in watermelon red.

Great day on the water. I found out where the fish weren't and maybe where they are.

Thanks for the great report N and welcom.
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