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HOT HOT HOT! and that was just the weather. The fishing was okay early, quick 9-10 lb. limit up the river on flats at points in 2 to 6' water. Cranks and flukes.

Caught dinks throughout the day. Cranks, flukes, and trick worms. Caught a couple of keeper LMB on button brush, shallow in the afternoon. Caught a couple of decent spots in front of deep docks on main channell - flukes and dropshot finese.

Launched at Gloster and fished as far up as narrows. Marked most fish deep at 20 - 40 ft. but they didn't seem to want our offerings. So, we kept plugging away at 2 - 17 ft.

Surface water temp from 82 to almost 87. Often times wish I had a drop down thermometer. Can't believe I actually wished the wind would pick up, it got so cotton pickin' hot after lunch time. 8) 8) 8)

Good fishin'
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