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I bought this thing, thinking I'd expose my kids to some educational games. Well, while many of the titles may be fun, I don't really think it'll be time well spent, for the kids. And dad doesn't want to get addicted to video games. Here's what I have:

Nintendo Wii, bought new around 2 months ago. It was played for 2 days, and put away. I just never got it back, in time, for a refund.
Extra controllers, sensors, sports packages, & such
Endless Ocean Game
Resort sport package game
I have a few other doo-hickies with it.

I reckon I spent around 6 bills for this setup. Everything is pretty much brand new.

I'm looking to trade (also consider adding cash, in either direction) for:

*Nice rods & reels (eg. Loomis)
*Handheld VHF
*Mid-sized GPS, or handheld
*Misc. boat and/or fishing gear
*Hunting & shooting stuff (guns, ammo, optics, etc.)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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