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A friend and I launched my 18 1/2' Promaster by I35 around 6:45am. We were fishing top waters and Senkos on the East bank down to Barton Creek. Water temp. was 82-83 degrees.
Just one 2lb. black with a "913" Senko, till we got to the railroad bridge. First cast with a swimbait on the downstream side of the "island", I hooked and landed a 6lb.+ largemouth. Nothing is the next sevaral casts, so we moved on down to Barton Creek, and started fishing the west bank.
Nothing happening there, so on the way back we hit the RR bridge again, and wham, another good black on the swimbait,(about 4lbs.).
Unfortunately, that was it for the morning. It was getting warm, so we even tried trolling back to the ramp......nada.
Overall, not a bad trip for quality, not numbers. There was quite a bit of that dark green slimy moss to foul your lure, and it was quite noisy, but the scenery wasn't bad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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