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Town Lake 6/20 and 6/21

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Following Jeremey’s “almost” epic report about top water and crank fish on town lake from the day before I was itching to get out and hit the early morning bite. I fished lake nacogdoches over the weekend and really the only bite (for me at least) was first thing in the mornings. It’s a cool lake and a guy fishing next to me caught a 9.2# fish on a Carolina rig. My biggest for the weekend went 4.3#s - not bad!

I still need my town lake fix so I headed out Monday morning. As I approached congress I saw another yakker hook up with 4#er on top water - sweet! Soon after the Shad busters went to work. Waves, ripples and aerial displays starting popping all around. I had just the thing - a top water popper. Tossed it out and steadied myself for the impending blow up …nothing. Ok, try again. Blow ups still occurring all around - ok maybe it’s cranking time. Toss the crank for a while - nothing. Finally, just pulled out the senko and toss it at a blow up - I see the line tighten - fish on. Caught one more from the bank on the senko and then had to head home. Bummer day. Was hit by a rower. I yelled out last minute and grabbed his boat as he hit. No damage to either vessel. He apologized and checked several times to make sure I was ok.

After thinking over my loss from Monday I was determined to do better today. I set my alarm a little earlier and went back to address my lure selection. I pack light for the quick trips and hadn’t really brought alternative lures. I went Shad heavy. Top water plopper in Shad, small swim bait in Shad, rapala medium diver in Shad , Gary Yamamoto Shad jerk and the senko just in case. Matching the hatch makes a big difference and my day was much better. Shad busters arrived on queue with the break of dawn. Caught one on the rapala before moving to the swim and it was on. Most fish were in the 12-14 range with a couple of good fighting 15-16 inches.Some were really fat. Very nearly got hit by a tandem group of rowers, I called out with just enough time for them to pull in their paddles and not hit me. A little later as I moved for a larger rowing boat one of the rowers gave me some “friendly” advice to stick very close to the columns when fishing. I just stared back not sure what to say. I mean even though it was daylight, I had my yak attack 360 light on, a highly visible yellow hawg trough and several rods in the air - and I moved. I did pull in a bass in front of one of the row motor boat guys and got a nice thumbs up.

I hope to make a few more early morning trips - maybe I’ll see some of y’all out there.
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Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad to hear you were able to bounce back from the Monday let down. LOL on the all in with the shad pattern. Every now and again, I’ll make a sea change on my whole arsenal after a tough day. I’ve experienced a loss of words several times with the rowers. I hate to hear they‘re just as bad on the weekdays as they are weekends. TFTR!
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