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Well now, I've always thought about town lake and the afternoon of the 27th I was driving down the feeder road to I H and took the exit under the bridge. Happened to have a reel in the truck with me with a nice shiny 1/4 oz trap on the end of it. Walked down the ban made a few casts and was hammered by a nice little 3lb black and a dozen casts later hung a dink right at the bank. Well thats enough to get me going so yesterday I grabbed the boat after work and took off. Took 6 minutes to get from the house to the ramp took a buddy and off we went. Didn't hit the water till almost 7:30 but we fished hard until dark and threw all the old standbys at them with only one bump and one dink that came off on the first jump. I've decided those were the only three fish left in the lake. I'm not a big tournament fisherman but usually can hold my own. Any help here? It's kinda tough to scout a lake with the 150 hanging high and dry. I wish they'd at least let ya idle around. Any tips greatly appreciated I dream of finding quality fish that close to home ::) Thanaks all
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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