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Fished Town Lake 4-3-10 6:00 to 3:00  what happened to all the water ??? Water level was down 3-4 ft.
Only caught 3 fish, all on beds that were still deep enough to have water covering them. Really sucks for
all the beds that were shallow.  The worst time of the year to drop the lake level that much !!!
Fished Travis 4-4-10 7:00 to 3:00. What a contrast in water levels, fished at Paleface area of the lake. Travis is the fullest I have seen in a long time. Caught a bunch of small fish, quit counting after 25 fish. Only 4 keepers, 2.5 lb was big fish of the day.
Most were in the beanie bushes, using a smallie beaver, wat. red with a pegged weight. Fluke caught a few, also
a small hair jig/curly leg trailer. Fun day on Travis. Frustrating day at Town Lake.
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