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Fished Town Lake 3-13 7:00 to 3:00 . Fished lower end of the lake, caught a lot of nice fish off beds using lizzards and a big jig.
Just about every bed had a small and a big fish on them. Had to catch the small guy first then the big girl would come
in and take over.  Had to work each bed for 10 to 15 min. Largest fish was close to 5 lb. All fish were fat and
healthy. Caught a few off the island and main point. Water temp. was 60 to 64. Good trip.
Lake Austin was not as good. Fished the lower end 3-14, 9:00 to 4:00 . Did see and catch some small fish off beds at the Condo. cove.
Fished a lot of shallow water and docks with not much luck. Tried some deep drop offs with no luck. Water Temp was
low 60's.  [smiley=cool.gif]
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