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headed out again this morning got to the ramp at about 7:30-8:00am. Not nearly as cold as it was yesterday, thats good in MANY ways when it comes to Town Lake, if you know what I mean..... ;)

I started out at the I-35 bridge and worked my way up to the Mopac bridge. Fishing was pretty slow for me today, I threw cranks, shakeyheads, T-rigs, weightless rigs and was only able to scrounge up 6 fish and only one was a keeper, and he was a little piggy, Id say he was about 4#s. That one came on a Senko in between the apartments on the south side on TL. The remainder of the fish caught were dinks, and I mean DINKS!
Now for the excitement, I think everyone out on Town Lake today were more worried about me than themselves, I was told by 4 different kayakers that boats like mine are not allowed on Town Lake, I politly informed them that if they were going to tell me the rules/laws of Town Lake they better be sure they know them first. Then I can't remember how many sculling boats went between me and the shore, i was probably about 15 yards off the bank working my way north. Also had a kayaker come about 8" off the front of my boat as I was headed north, I told him "don't mind me" as he passed. I was amazed at how many rude people were out there today. Oh well, note to self, don't try and fish Town Lake on a weekend, unless you wanna be frustrated. But I will tell you this, the scenery was fantastic today...... 8)
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