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Windy, rainy, cold, turbulent, freezing rain, clear skys, cold then warm then cold. Did I mention very windy? The weather at TB was nothing if not constantly changing. However, the fishing was reasonably good.

We fished the all over Palo Gaucho moving north to the coves closer to the Pendleton Bridge, Alligator Cove, Spring Creek, Indian Mounds and White Oak creek. Caught mostly males in the backs and sides of creeks waiting for the females to move in, but caught a few females (largest 3.5 lbs) in the mouth of coves and creeks. The pattern changed often, but in general, we caught on lizards, senkos, super flukes, baby brush hogs and trick worms in water mellon red, watermellon - purple flake, and in the turbid water sour grape.

Talked to one fisherman that caught only two fish one day, a little male and and an 8 lb, 1 oz female on super fluke. The Salvinia plant is really starting to show up all over the Palo Gaucho and it is becoming a nuisance. Catches your line and bait. Over all a good trip.
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