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Ah, I wasn't gonna write this report, but here goes. Decided to get out after work last friday for a little while and thought I'd do TL. Put in at I35 and headed uplake. Had one small dink get off just east of congress. Decided to keep on moving. Wasn't having much luck and then I'm around SoLa and it's dusk. I'd been throwing a walk the dog topwater for a little while and figured something would eventually have to hit it.

A postspawner, by the way she lethargically tried to grab it off the top, I think, finally got it in her mouth after a couple of lazy misses and the way I got a lousy hookset while she was swimming towards me made me think I had a 4-5 lb. fish on... and then she jumped. Oh boy... I think she would've been close to, if not over 9... :eek: she jumped again and then got off. Sigh...

Went into BC for a little while and then after I couldn't get anything going on top, decided it was time to make the 50-55 min troll back to the ramp with the wind blowing directly into me... fun... but having that fish on, however momentarily, made it all worthwhile!
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