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Had planned on going to Bastrop this morning, but got a late start due to being up too late last night. Left the house around 9:45. 10 minutes into my drive the cell rang...the wife forgot the pay the rent. So I had to turn around and go back to the house and write a check then take it over on Mopac, just north of 360. It was about 11 when I left there so figured since my day was pretty much shot and since the boat was in tow, I'd just head to TL.

Was in the water by 11:30. Started with a black Booyah SB with triple gold willowleafs. Hooked up right away with about a 2lb'er in about 4-6' of water, almost directly across from the Holiday Inn ramp, just north of Joe's. Kept throwing it for about 15-20 minutes working that area really slow...nothing else to show. Then switched to a crawfish colored Rat 'L Trap. Hooked another one about 50' before that point in front of Joe's, that one went about 2 1/2 lbs. Kept switching back and forth between the SB and the trap past Joe's to that first little creek, notta! Staying with the trap and working it real slow in that shallow water by the creek and caught 2 more, maybe a pound and half each. Then hooked another that came unbuttoned on the 2nd jump, I think that one would've went about 3, maybe 3 1/2 lbs. Lost 2 more little ones Stayed in that area for about 45 more minutes and then headed east to the railroad bridge....NOTHING happening! I did however see a white goose going absolutely nuts in the water. I guess it was really enjoying it's

Worked the north side coming back. Got to Joe's and thought I'd try that little flat again. By then the sun had come out and no one was home. I stayed on that side and fished to 35 and caught one more cookie cutter and figured I'd call it a day.

5 fish total caught and 3 missed. Really enjoyed the nice weather and scenery (a lot of ladies out walking). Wasn't a great day, but wasn't too bad either.....heck a bad day of fishing is 10 times better than a good day at work, right?
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