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Fished TL today to practice for the upcoming KATS tourney. Was able to piece together a limit between a crankbait and a worm. All fish came in about 12 foot of water. Only got shots of the 1st 4 before the camera crapped out. Finished at about 87.5 inches

My buddy Klay was out there as well. We were fishing this one area and it was kinda slow so I decided to eat my turkey sandwich. About 1/2 way into it i hear Klay holler, "hey, fish on. Feels like a decent fish. Man this is a big fish. Crap, Herzog get over here. Bring the net! Holy Crap! This is a big fish!" I am sure images of his 1st DD bass were going through his mind at 100 mph. Then I hear him say....."oh's a huge ass catfish !" By that time, I had paddled my way over there just in time to dip the fish up. Below are some pics of the 23lb 1 oz beast! Caught on a DD22


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Oooga-boooga.... those are some nice fish between you two!!! I drove over SOLA around 4 and I saw someone standing up in what seemed to be a small jon boat right around the mouth of BC...

And then I get a text/pix from a friend... he was walking around TL between Soco and Sola and he bagged what seemed to be a close to, if not over 6+ fish... good day for y'all who got out there, yeah. L)

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3637273A373027550 said:
I guess at this point it would not matter sense he was pre fishing.


EXACTLY what Chris said.  

In the tourney, you gotta make sure you follow the rules

and here is what they say

Each bass must be measured from lip to end of tail on a
measuring device. A photo MUST be taken with the fish laying on
the measuring device with the assigned number displayed.
*note*-A smart angler will position the fish in such a way that
the photo will show it in its longest position. With that in
mind, I don't care if the mouth is open or closed. I will be
looking at where the tip of the fishes lip is in relation to
the start of the ruler. No fingers can be in, on, or around the
mouth area. No devices can be used to clamp or stretch the
mouth. No pinching of the tail. Just put the fish down and
shoot the photo.*
The photo MUST include the following criteria:
*the whole fish, tip to tail,
*laying with the head towards the start of the ruler,
*tip of the lip at the beginning of the ruler,
*demonstrating visible length marks,
*on your measuring device,
*with your assigned number showing,
*in ONE OVERHEAD PHOTO FRAME (that is not angled down the
length of the fish)
IF the tip of the lip is NOT at the start of the ruler, an
appropriate length deduction will be assessed.
IF any of the criteria listed above is not adhered to, that
fish will NOT be scored.
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