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All last week I was in California and... well didn't bring any gear.
i was saved when my uncle came down and had two poles on him so we decided "what the heck" and hit a small shallow(12 feet max) 5 acre public pond the water was (give or take) 60 degrees with 4-5 foot clarity with moss and Lilly pads taking over
the bass were just moving into prespawn but extremely sluggish my uncle was using a trout patterned 2 inch rapala floating crank and I tied on a pumpkin-seed worm with a chartreuse tail rigged weightless and weedless. I flipped it out past a patch of pads and brought it over them a few times the 6th or 7th time i decided to let the worm drift down to the bottom (3 feet down me-tinks) a nice bass(unconfirmed weight) came and slurped it right before it touched down i was rather dumb struck and almost forgot to set the hook but I did and after a short spirited tussle i landed him and was happy with the one fish of the day. :) i guess weightless works in clear
no pic until I can get my uncle to email it to me sorry...
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