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The Anglers Lodge Summer Tournament Trail-Lake Amistad-2010 Schedule

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Dates : June 26th , July 31st , August 21st and the championship will be September 25th ! All saturday tournaments ! To qualify for the championship you either make the Top 20 or fish all three regular events. Entry fee is $120 per team. $100 normal team payout and $20 Big Bass . 3 fish limit. Dead Penalty of .50 lb. per dead fish. Fishing times for all events will be 6 A.M. to last cast at 3 P.M. . Weigh-in early will begin at 2 P.M. , however, if you have a big sack or a big bass to weigh, we encourage everyone to call carl and he will meet you at the diablo east fish tube and weigh your catch immediately to ensure fish survival. Otherwise, you need to be IN THE WEIGH-IN LINE by 4 P.M. . ANYONE may fish these events. There is no off-limit period. Registration will begin the friday evening before each tournament at The Anglers Lodge Tackle Shop (spinnerbait counter). Payout will be the total amount less expenses. We keep nothing for ourselves as we are doing these tournaments as a way of saying thank you for your patronage and having some fun in the lull of the summer when nothing else is going on. Big Bass pot will be a 70 / 30 split . No money will be taken out for expenses from the big bass total amount. You may launch from any ramp you choose . Be sure to ensure time to make it back to the weigh-in by the cut-off time of 4 P.M. . All prizes will be handed out at the end of the weigh-in . Food and refreshments will be provided by The Anglers Lodge Staff at the Diablo East Fish Tube Weigh-in site. Come join us ! If you have any questions, please feel free to call.
P.S. Teams may sign-up the morning of the tournament starting at 5 A.M. and ending at 9 A.M. .
Fish survival instructions will be handed out to each team upon registration and will be adhered to.
Regards !
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