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Please email keith Daffron with Ranger Boats
[email protected]

Please express your wishes for TTT to be around for years to come - what it means to you as a boat buyer and Tournament fisherman. Tell him your holding out to buy a ranger boat till TTT is back for 08

I was told buy Eric at Garys Marine this will help our cause to keep TTT alive.

Thanks Dean

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Just curious...

If I were a tournament organizer (I have been in the past with paintball), I would stay up on all the local people/boards. If I got an influx of calls or emails about how 20 people all of a sudden were waiting to buy boats only if I threw a tournament.. I'd read this post and know it was bogus.

So, that being said, just my 2 cents, if you want to see it be a success and come back.. find ways to help make it affordable for the promoters.. profitable even.

Get friends interested. Talk to promoters and either A.) Ask them if they mind if YOU promote it since they are not.. and put it together. Remember.. start small. Prizes draw in the money, but they also cost you whether they bring in anglers or not.

or B.) Find out how the promoters draw in people and what their minimum draw is and figure out how to help them meet that minimum draw.

They won't want to take a loss, but they will do it if they see there is interest.. real interest.

Sorry.. just my 2 cents again.

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TTT is a part of FLW. Which makes them an NPO. ALL they care about is selling boats. If you look at a ton of their winners they were winning boats and not cash. And also alot of those boats won were "cull" boats, or boats won by folks who do NOT own rangers. Basically the FLW found that the TTT was not selling boats. Therefore there existance is not necessary. The FLW has the dough to put this trail on also, that has nothing to do with it.

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I sent an email to Ranger per BADeans is the response I got today. Sounds like something cool is in the works...should know more in a few days.

Email response:


Thanks for the email. The TTT will be going away next year, but Ranger is not leaving Texas. Ranger is currently in negotiations with another tournament organization in Texas that will offer one day team tournament events. Ranger would offer Ranger Cup/Ranger Owners bonus money at these events along with prizes for the Championship. Please visit our website in the next 10 to 12 days for a news release on this trail. Again thank you for your support of Ranger Boats and we hope that you will fish the new events we sponsor in 2008.

Scott Arms

Marketing Manager

PS. We have your wrapped 2008 Ranger Z21 ready for you to pick up at no charge.

(hehe...just kidding on the PS part...wishful thinking on my part :))


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Looks Like Stren will replace TTT. Greater pay outs and higher entry fees.
Story below is from FLW website

[glb]FLW Outdoors realigns bass tournament offerings in Texas
Focus placed on Stren Series, BFL for advancement opportunities [/glb]


BENTON, Ky. — FLW Outdoors announced today that it will realign its bass tournament offerings in Texas next season, suspending the Texas Tournament Trail and focusing instead on the Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League and Stren Series, which offer Texas anglers the opportunity to advance to the Wal-Mart FLW Series and Wal-Mart FLW Tour.

“The TTT was a very popular tournament trail, but it did not offer anglers the opportunity to advance to higher levels of competition” said FLW Outdoors President and CEO Charlie Evans. “It filled a gap in our tournament circuits that no longer exists, and hasn’t since 2006 when we dedicated an entire Stren Series division to the state.”

Anglers living and fishing in Texas can now start their tournament careers in the Cowboy and/or Louisiana/Texas divisions of the BFL then advance to the Stren Series and ultimately to the FLW Tour and FLW Series.

“Everything we do is based on starting anglers at the grassroots level and offering them the opportunity to qualify for higher, more lucrative levels of competition if they so choose,” Evans said. “The TTT did not fit that mold.”

The Stren Series Texas Division offers top awards of $65,000 for pros and $35,000 for co-anglers and payouts of $825 and $325, respectively, through 60th place in every qualifying tournament plus the opportunity to advance to both the $1 million Stren Series Championship and the $2 million Forrest Wood Cup, where pros fish for top awards of $140,000 and $1 million. Additionally, the Stren Series offers Texas anglers a pathway to the lucrative FLW Tour and FLW Series, where top pro awards range from $125,000 to $200,000 in regular-season tournaments. FLW Tour and FLW Series tournaments are also broadcast to an international television audience of more than 500 million households and streamed live over the internet at

The top 40 pros and top 40 co-anglers in the Stren Series Texas Division advance to the Stren Series Championship, which pays as much as $140,000 to the winning pro and as much as $70,000 to the winning co-angler Additionally, Stren Series Championship payouts extend through 50th place, offering pros $6,000 and co-anglers $2,000. The top 10 pros and top 10 co-anglers in the Stren Series Texas Division points standings also qualify for the FLW Tour and FLW Series the following season, and the top pro and co-angler finishers from the Texas Division at the Stren Series Championship advance to the Forrest Wood Cup for a shot at winning as much as $1 million and $50,000, respectively.

Entry fees for the Stren Series are $825 per event for pros and $325 per event for co-anglers. Ranger boat owners may register beginning Dec. 7, Champion and Stratos owners may register beginning Dec. 10, and TBF members may register beginning Dec. 11. All other entries will be accepted beginning Dec. 12.

Boater entry fees for the BFL are $200 for qualifiers and $300 for Super Tournaments. Co-angler entry fees the BFL are $100 for qualifiers and $150 for Super Tournaments.

Entries for the 2008 season may be made online at or by calling (270) 252-1000. Phones are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time Monday through Friday. Complete schedules for the 2008 season are available online at

Wal-Mart and many of America’s largest and most respected companies support FLW Outdoors and its tournament trails. Wal-Mart signed on as an FLW Outdoors sponsor in 1997 and today is the world’s leading supporter of tournament fishing. For more information about Wal-Mart, visit

For more information about FLW Outdoors and its tournaments, browse or call (270) 252-1000.
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