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Texas Boat World Triton Offer

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I wanted to pass this outstanding offer to you on behalf of Texas Boat World. Call Cliff for more details 254-699-9151

Be sure and ask him about the BassCat specials too.

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I have the 2008 TR-186 DC which is, by the looks of it, the exact same boat. That is a hell of a price. I Can tell ya that my TR-186 rides like a champ and if it had been priced at that price..sheeeeyat
Jarred and Robby also have a 1500 gift certificate for sale from the FAN tournament on Buck last weekend, that will take off 500 to 1000 more off the price of the boat if anyone is intrested. Jarrods cell is 512-818-6051.
That Certificate can not be used on this boat it's a nationally advertised priced boat with no rebates.

They can however use it on selected models in stock.
This is not the same as your TR186. It has less options. The ride will be pretty close however.
Yea, just meant the ride.. heh.. mine has a lot more options :p but the way it rides.. big difference from my last boat, which I thought was good.. :p

ok.. sales pitch back off ;)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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