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Texas Boat World of Harker Heights has teamed up with Fishers of Men Central Texas, so NOW you can WIN MORE MONEY
For the 2008 season Texas Boat World will pay the top three winning teams that fish out of a Texas Boat World Triton Boat Extra Cash!
It is simple; finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd place during a Fishers of Men Central Texas Tournament in a Texas Boat World Triton Boat and you win.

First place            $1000.00
Second place      $500.00
Third Place      $250.00
So want to make it another GRAND?
If you win the tournament in a 2008 Triton Fiberglass Boat purchased at Texas Boat World you will win another $1000.00

That’s an additional $2000.00 not including the tournament payout to the team that wins a Fishers of Men Central Texas Tournament in a 2008 Triton Fiberglass Bass Boat bought at Texas Boat World.
If you are a Triton Gold Member you could add another $1000.00 on top of that, and take home 3,000 dollars plus your tournament winnings.

Still want to WIN MORE MONEY
If you purchased a Keel-X from Line-X of Harker Heights and place  1st 2nd or 3rd you win $250.00

Line-X of Harker Heights

108 W FM-2410
Harker Heights, TX 76548

Ph. (254)690-1763


For Details call Cliff Brown or stop by Texas Boat World
303 W. Central Texas Expwy • Harker Heights TX 76548
Phone: (254) 699-9151   Fax: (254) 699-7579
Details will also be at

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Re: TBW of Harker Heights announces NEW FOM incent

Despite what anyone says or whatever their particular brand loyalty is, one thing is certain; TBW has proven itself time and time again as a dealership committed to providing superior customer service and support not only during the sale but long after the sale as well. The incentive awards is yet another great way for TBW to spread its message and show its' support for the family of Triton Drivers.

Thanks to Texas Boat World for being such a positive supporter of the Central Texas Bass fishing scene, FOM, and especially for sponsoring the Austin Bass Fishing forum / website.

Now time to for me to go out there and try to win some of that incentive money!


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Re: TBW of Harker Heights announces NEW FOM incent

Cliff Brown deserves a lot of credit for making TBW the place to buy a boat these days. I send my friends from Houston to see him first. We lost our Triton service down here but Cliff has picked it up very nicely. A good man with a fishing spirit and great supporter of FOM.
Thanks Cliff!!! 8)

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Re: TBW of Harker Heights announces NEW FOM incent

Agree 110% with Rude and George! Cliff puts his customers 1st and that was a major decision point in my buying decision.

Dang it Jeff and Cliff, this is an attractive deal that just might make me come out of early retirement when it comes to tournament fishing. Both of you are world class people in my book! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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