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tackle sale

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tackle sale this Saturday the 12th, 7:30 am, @ the Y in Oak Hill, new crankbaits $1.00, plastics $1.00 per bag, right now four people selling, personally, I hae seven foot spinning & casting rods, gently used spinning and casting reels. BUY, SELL AND TRADE
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Where at the Y, I'm a minute from there and would like to come by and say hey.
Im gonna try and swing by.
In the old Albertson's parking lot. I'll be one of the sellers also.

Rods, reels, crankbaits, spinners, soft plastics, tackle bags, collectible Heddon topwaters NIB, lots of misc. stuff.
What brand, action, condition is the 7 foot spinning rod and what are you asking for it?
I posted this swap meet on the AKF so hopefully you'll get a few more buyers/sellers. I'm right down the road too so I can stop by.
thanks, I also have .223 & .22-250 ammo 45gr 40rd bxs winchester, 10bxs 223 $150. 10bxs 22-250 $200. If anyone is interested contact me before Sat. otherwise I won't pack it.
hey FishJunkie,

Think I could get in on this sale as a seller?

Keep Austin Fishing,

Papa Chops'
President/ Owner
Papa Chops' Rod and Reel Repair
Austin, Texas
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you bet, every one is welcome
2E33252828262537372D2A440 said:
Im gonna try and swing by.
Me too.
Is this thing being advertised on other sites, etx? I've got a ton of tackle I'd love to try to unload but if there's just gonna be a handful of people there...
I'm sure there will be plenty of lookers. The parking lot there gets a lot of traffic still...Someone needs to make a couple of signs...
you all are welcome to put up signs ect, I have been putting it on craigs every day, plus the tff. i will get a sign up for the east bound 71 traffic, maybe some one else can put up some more.
Damn, the one weekend I won't be here....and I live like 5 minutes away  :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Here's a sampling of what I'm bringing to the sale:

4 Falcon Original baitcasters
2 Shimano Compre baitcasters
All-Star USA worm rod
All-Star Academy spinning rod
Castaway Academy spinning rod
misc. rods 10-15 bucks
Cabela's spinning rod building kit
3 BPS Pro Qualifier round baitcasters
BPS Pro Qualifier spinning reel
2 Shimano Spirex spinning reels
2 Quantum Iron round baitcasters NIB
Quantum baitcasting reel
2 micro spinning reels, Shimano and Quantum
Magellan hand-held GPS
lots of crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinners, etc.
one-of-a-kind handpainted baits
collectible Heddon hard baits NIB
lots of soft plastics
tackle boxes, bags and binders
fishing VHS videos
SE Sport Hydrofoil, and no-drill mounting kit, new
rifle rest mounted on board
pistol rest
misc. stuff misc. stuff, et cetera

See y'all there.
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partial list
Pflueger president
Daiwa Viento
Revo stx-hs
Basspro Extreame (just serviced)
Abu 5000
Magforce pro caster
Diawa Triforce
American rodsmith 7' MH
Shakespear 6'6" MH
Allstar 6'6" topwater special
Pfluegar Trion w/3 spools
Eagle claw 6'6" MH
Berkley Bionix 7' M
Ugly stik 6'6" M
Tournment choice 7'
Eagel claw Featherlight 6' (as new, neat little crappie rod)
@least 30 bags of plastic baits
doz. crankbaits (most have never been in the water)
3-4 person dome tent (never been out of the box)
see you there
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For those of us unfamiliar with what the "Y" is... can anybody give an address or a store nearby please?

Thank you
6B606D7E713030696578080 said:
For those of us unfamiliar with what the "Y" is... can anybody give an address or a store nearby please?

Thank you
Just take 71/290 west from Austin and when the big nice divided freeway bottlenecks down to two lanes at a traffic light, you're at the "Y".

Let me a little more specific than Kayak Rick.

The 290/71 freeway will morph into a highway and spit you out at a traffic light by Red's Gun Shop and a Cash American Pawn. The next major intersection is Wm Cannon. Procede across Wm Cannon and the road will then fork and form a "Y," the right fork becoming Hwy 71 and the left fork becoming Hwy 290. In front of you to the left will be the now-closed Albertson's Market parking lot and a Jim's Restaurant. We'll be in that parking lot.
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