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Tackle for sale

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Well, I did a really stupid thing the other day and played with the new Daiwa Steez while in BPS.  Needless to say I need a few of them in my life so am selling some tackle that I never use to finance the madness.

Shimano Chronarch 50Mg $150.00 SOLD

Shimano Calais 200 $225.00 SOLD

Team Daiwa Z 103H $195.00 SOLD

Now for the rods...

G Loomis BCR 854 GLX $265.00 SOLD

G Loomis BSR 852 GLX $275.00
Brand new in plastic sleeve, Ranger Boats edition, retails new for $360.00, this was my back up rod that I never touched.<>ast_id=1408474395181201&bmUID=1161898856178

Kistler Helium LTA 6'6" MED casting rod $150.00
Near new in perfect condition (was a back up to my Loomis CBR783), retails new for $229.99

Kistler Helium LTA 6'9" MED/HVY casting rod $160.00
Near new in perfect condition, retails new for $229.99

Kistler Helium LTA 7' MED casting rod $150.00
Near new in perfect condition (was a back up to my Loomis CBR843), retails new for $229.99

Additional pics are available upon request.  I am a bit of a tackle junky so please feel free to ask any questions, thanks!
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And for the record I am a needy fisherman in need of new tackle, and I am now accepting donations. ;) :p
Hey Airfoil,

Email sent.


Too bad those Magnesium Chronarchs aren't left handed. I'd take them off your hands in a heartbeat. I do have a friend who is a righty and might be interested in them. Are they still availiable or did EA swoop them up?


No lefties, sorry. I tried to teach myself to go lefty some time ago but just could not do it.

At this time EA has dibs on the 3 Chronarchs and the Calais, will let you know what we finalize...EA, check your email.
For anybody thinking about buying, they are in really good shape, I only say that because when we are running in the boat between spots, Andy is psycho with his reel covers and keeping them clean....those reels are treated better than any wife or gf...haha ;D
Man, if you are constantly catching 2' of air running between spots then so is your tackle!
Time for a swap meet after the next HHJ Classic. I've got a bunch of soft plastics if anybody is interested. I stocked up on ALOT of big worms and lizards (mainly watermelon) for fishing in mexico, and will never use all of them. Also a bunch of Oldhams jigs. Misc crawsworms.

Message sent, thanks.
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