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I was cleaning out the garage and found a few boxes that I just haven't used forever and probably won't.  So I thought I would throw them up for you guys to tear down, so I don't have to pack them up!!

This is box #1 & has 10 rubber jigs and about 30 jig heads you can use with plastics or put rubber skirts on.  Do I hear - $20???   SOLD!!

This is box #2 and has 4 colors of Nories Bugs in it, around 60 pieces I think.  Some skirts and double tails, about 20 or so.  Also a couple of Midnite crawdads in there too.  The first $20 takes it.  SOLD!!

This is box 3 and is filled with hand poured chunk trailers.  They look just like Zoom chunks, but are really soft.  Looks like about 45 pieces.   How about $12??

Box #4  is full of prototype 5" Senko's.  These were some of the first 2 color Senko's ever made.  I only think one of these colors is in production like in this box.  My Natural shad and Baby Bass color prototypes are in here with the cream white belly.  I chose to not shoot those colors as a two color shot, but just one color.  There are between 80- 100 pieces in the box.  This should be more of a collectors item than a tackle box!  Let's start the bidding at $30.  SOLD!

Box 5  has assorted round heads and football heads some bullet weights and round bend offset hooks.  Over 50-60 pieces in all.  Some of the prototype shakey heads that are now for sale from GYCB, hand made by Gary Yamamoto himself!!  (oooooo   ;)aaaaahhhh)  $15 SOLD!!

Box 6  is full of jig heads also, football heads mostly, some with wire weed guards, some round heads and some more of the prototype shakey heads.  How about another $15?  SOLD!!

Reply here, PM me, make me a silly low ball offer that I can deny and throw back in your face!!  
Thanks guys,
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