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Strop report 4:45 till dark

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Managed about 28 fish in all. Biggest 21 3/4 6.2lb's. Looked like a football. All fish caught on Watermelon red plastics. Fished 7-10 ft of water, mainly points. Keep the boat in 11-12 ft of water. Jig fished main lake humps where the rocks and hydrilla meet(20-32ft of water). Caught a couple on Chatterbait fish on windy points 2-5ft of water(all slot fish).

Hope that helps!!!!!

Z 8)
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Sounds like a sweet 3 or 4 hours of fishing. Way to get er done ;D
nice day. I have never fished Bastrop and I look forward to getting out there sometime.
Good job Z. Watermellon/red plastics. I have a funny feeling that you were fishing a mutant.LOL ;)
Jim ;D
Oh Jim has both hands on the stick as he stirs the pot. ;D ;D

Thanks for the report Z.

Sounds like a fun day on the strop…….. ;)
Z, was that you with the pretty red/white boat pulled by a black truck? I think I saw you last night at the south shore. If I would have known I would have said hi. Soft plastics hummm. I was having too much fun with the top water frog bite to try anything else ;D. Next time I see ya I'll say hello.
That was me Deb....Black Chevy with the Squeegee Clean ads on the doors...

Hope to see ya out there some time!!!

Z 8)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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