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Took my boss and his son to Stillhouse today.  Got there about 6:30am and fished till about 2.  Things started out with a bang, as we caught around 15 or so in the first few hours- lost a few in the thicker trees.  We didn't catch anything over 4 pounds.  Fish came in 12-18 feet of water on flukes and T-rigged rattlesnakes and honchos.

Later in the morning the bite died for us on main lake, so went to marina.  Flipped boat slips for a few hours with pretty good results.  Caught another 15 or so, but again nothing over about 3.5 pounds.  Saw lots of good 2-4 pounders cruising in the docks and sitting in the shade.  Best results in 15 to 20 foot of water, flipping to back of boat dock and peeling line so it would stay back in the shade.  They hit on the fall most of the time.

Craziest thing happened though.  Water was gin clear in the marina, and I was bringing one around 3 lbs out of a boat slip and had it up to about 5 feet below the surface.  A HOG came out behind it trying to get the bait out of its mouth.  I yelled at my boss' son to drop his bait in there but we couldn't get her to bite.  I played the fish out a while trying to get the big girl to commit, but no dice.  She had a huge back and full belly, I'd say she was in the 10 lb range.   :'(

Good times, but no piggies today.   :p  
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