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I have not been to Stillhouse in over a year. Where did all of the grass go?

Fished from 7-12:30
Water temps 56-62
Clear- 47 in the am/ 76 by noon

Started behind the island looking for grass,, found none, but did manage a few 14" fish on Flukes. Fished a bluff with a drop shot and caught another couple of fish, one small keeper and an under. It was now 11:00am and I had 4 puny fish.

I headed up the river, just around the big point(that used to be covered in grass) and began fishing the steep bank just past the point. The wind was blowing onto this bank and I began to enjoy the best 45 minutes of fishing I have had since Falcon about 10 years ago.
I was pitching a drop shot in about 3-12 feet of water off the bluff and picked up a 14.5 and a 15.5. Further up the bank there is alot of laydowns in the water. Pretty much every laydown that I pitched to delivered a fish. From 11 to 11:50, I caught 14 fish, 12 were over 16" and the two largest that I weighed were 4-11 and 4-8. Since I was fishing by myself, and the wind was blowing me into the bank every time I had to take a fish off, much of that 50 minutes was unproductive. All were caught on drop shot in watermelon. A drop shot is not normally my pitch to cover bait, but it is tough to change when you are getting bit on every other cast. Off the water by 12:30. Great day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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