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I normally don't fish on Mondays. I think the fish will be spooky after getting a pounding from the weekend, especially a pretty weekend. Made the exception because things are happening, spring is springing. First cast around 10:00. Started in the same place as last week and got no bites on the 2.8. Next went to the best spot from last week and caught two small fish on the 2.8. Tried lots of different things here to no avail. I planned to do some exploring to try to find some more good spawning areas so I covered water with the 2.8 and caught four more from a small area. Flat area with just a little channel and the fish were close to that. So will go back there sometime. That was close to 12:30. Had lunch and kept exploring. Went to another area where I caught a couple last week. Decided to throw the Baby Z Too and stick with it since the bite was tough and it has been good for me in that situation. I was rewarded for that decision and caught four nice fish in a short time. It had been over three hours since the last bite. I fished nothing else the rest of the day. Actually I put all other rods away (it's a thing I do). Decided to go to another area where I have caught fish every spring since I started fishing here. I caught two or three there last week. Wind was blowing in so used spot lock. I love it when a plan actually works. I caught six decent fish there. They are there to spawn and I think I was catching mostly females. Actually had more than one fish hit the bait, miss it and come back. Also had two hard pullers pull off. Decided to call it with 16 and ran back to the ramp but couldn't help fishing a little more and caught number 17 just before I quit at 5:30. So six on the 2.8 Keitech 3/16 weedless head and 11 on the Baby Z Too 1/8 weedless head. Water was 62º-66º. It's happening!
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